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Correct Use Of Knee Walker

A knee walker is a mobility equipment that can be supported by equipment so that people with inconvenient legs and feet can go out for a walk like normal people. Using the knee walker can make it easier for people with inconvenient legs and feet to walk, but pay attention to the correct usage when using it.

1. How to use the knee walker

1. Knee walker height adjustment

Generally, it is adjusted to the distance from the ulnar styloid process to the heel plus 2.5 cm, or adjusted to the point where the patient is standing with a knee walker and the elbow is slightly bent by about 30 degrees.

2. The correct way to support the knee walker

Relax your shoulders, place the knee walker correctly, hold the armrests on both sides tightly, maintain an upright posture, hold the knee walker firmly with both hands and place it in front of you. The affected leg first steps forward with the heel and lands on the knee walker's back leg, and the other side Keeps up with the legs and repeats alternately.

3. Walking method

Stand with the soles of both feet in the center of the line connecting the entrance of the knee walker, first, move the knee walker 20 centimeters forward, take a step forward with the affected limb, support the knee walker with both hands, and step forward with the healthy limb (healthy limb) without weight bearing on the affected limb Limb parallel to the affected limb), walk alternately.

4. Sit down and get up

(1) Sit down steps: Move back slowly until your feet touch the edge of the chair, and sit down slowly while holding the edge of the chair.

(2) Steps to get up: put the knee walker directly in front of you, put the hand on the healthy side of the knee walker, press the hand on the affected side on the bed, move the hip forward, bend the knees slightly, lean the center of gravity forward and stand up.

2. Precautions for using a knee walker

1. If you are not injured or disabled, and you only need the knee walker to gain balance, you can simply put it in front as you usually walk. When the knee walker is behind the front, stand inside the knee walker, not behind.

2. Don't lean towards the knee walker. One of the common mistakes is to put the knee walker too far forward. Keep walking inside the knee walker, not behind it, so keep your body upright while walking.

3. Another common mistake is to adjust the knee walker too high, which makes walking uncomfortable and more likely to fall.