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The commode chair is made of aluminum alloy, which is waterproof and rust-proof and durable. Our commode chairs are designed with the needs of many different people in mind, and the details are well done and ergonomic. Part of the offering is an extra-wide seating area ideal for larger patients, plus a reinforced frame for greater load-bearing capacity. Folding frame design requires no tools and can be assembled in seconds. The detachable bucket seat and seat cover are easy to clean, and the toilet bowl can be pulled out and pulled out, which is convenient for elderly care. Some also have anti-rollover and anti-tilt folding foot pedals, which are designed to support feet without touching the ground to prevent users from stepping on the pedals hard. The universal mute wheel is easy to push, and it is free to fix and secure. Waterproof soft U seat cushion, blow-molded non-slip waterproof backrest and armrests provide users with higher comfort.


Yongkang Beiqin Industry & Trade Co., Ltd is one of the China Commode Chairs Manufacturers and Commode Chairs Factory, we offer wholesale Commode Chairs for sale at factory price. Our Beiqin has been focusing on the production of medical aids in China for 13 years. We have well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force to innovate more new products to help people. We have passed the lSO13485, CE and FDA quality system. And we have formed a comprehensive quality control system in all processing. We are according to quality first, the principle of good faith. And create a new field of the medical industry with you.

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We grow rapidly with the improvement of quality, we always pay attention to product quality control and the continuation of brand value, always improve the strict quality management system, and follow the zero-defect inspection standard to lay a good foundation for us to develop the global market.

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    Our Beiqin has been focusing on the production of medical aids in China for 13 years.

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    We have well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force to innovate more new products to help people.

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    Based on EU CE and US FDA standards, and in combination with the actual market conditions, we constantly verify, pursue details, and polish the products to the satisfaction of customers.

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    It is our goal to fully communicate with customers, select the better scheme and maximize customers' long-term benefits.

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    Layout overseas markets, provide diversified choices, and let the world fall in love with made in China.

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    Continue to pay attention to the follow-up use, and continuously upgrade the design, production, quality control and other links according to the feedback. Your satisfaction is the source power for us to continue to do a good job.

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We always focus on technology development and product innovation, have a professional R&D team, and have a complete production system from product design → sample making → finished products. Each product has reasonable guidance before design to ensure product quality, and uses advanced materials and technologies to meet the needs of different customers.














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Commode Chairs Industry Knowledge Extension

How to clean and maintain commode chairs
1. Add clean water to the detergent and take a comfortable bath for the commode chairs. A toilet chair is a place full of bacteria, so we need to clean it frequently. After applying a layer of bubbles to it with detergent, use a lot of water Cleaning is basically the same as cleaning the toilet chair. After this action, the toilet chair will become very clean.
2. Regular inspection and repair is the best way to maintain. We usually sit on the toilet chair when we go to the toilet. If there is a problem with the chair, we continue to sit on it. As a result, it is really ugly when it falls. Therefore, regularly check whether the screws are loose and whether the tripod is firm. Just tighten the screw, if it is rusty, replace the screw.
3. Frequent cleaning: Every morning, after the old man finishes using the toilet, turn on the water heater, and use the most urgent water in the shower to rinse the toilet chair. . Cleaning the toilet chair frequently can prevent the growth of bacteria and stubborn stains.
4. Precautions: It is best to change and wash the seat cushion on the toilet chair frequently. If it is used for a long time, it will breed bacteria and be easily infected.

How do commode chairs put barrels so they don't fall?
1. First, put the toilet chair on flat ground to make sure it won't slide;
2. Place the toilet on the seat of the toilet chair;
3. Put the two edges of the commode on the two edges of the commode chair, firmly fixed;
4. Place the bottom of the commode on the back of the commode chair, making sure it doesn't slide;
5. Place the other side of the commode on the seat of the commode chair, making sure it doesn't slide;
6. Finally, place the other side of the commode on the edge of the commode to ensure the commode does not fall out.

What are the uses of commode chairs ?
1. Solve the problem of the elderly's difficulty in going to the toilet
In hospitals and families, there are always elderly people or patients with inconvenient legs and feet. It is always inconvenient to go to the bathroom at night. It is very difficult for the elderly to go to the bathroom by themselves when there is no one to take care of them at night. The toilet chair can solve the problem of the elderly going to the bathroom, as long as the toilet chair is placed in the bedroom or beside the bed of the elderly before going to bed, it will be convenient to get up at night. Moreover, some toilet chairs can be folded and can be put away at any time without taking up much space.
2. Pregnant women and people with handicapped legs are also suitable
The stable main frame of the commode chair, the soft air-blown backrest, the non-slip armrests, and the adjustable non-slip foot covers make it more comfortable and safer when bathing in the toilet. The commode chair has firm support to prevent falls. Moreover, this good thing is also suitable for pregnant women and people with injured legs and feet.
3. Multifunctional toilet chair with bathing function
Elderly bathers must take a sitz bath, but ordinary chairs cannot meet the anti-slip function when encountering water, and if you sit on it, your body will be more slippery if you use soap, and the four corners and the ground are anti-slip. The multifunctional bath aid toilet chair is waterproof, non-slip, and anti-rust design, and has a durable bath aid function. The height of the chair is adjustable, and the elderly can adjust the height according to their height, which is very considerate.