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Our raised toilet seats are made of PP injection-molded healthy materials, non-toxic and harmless, with good anti-corrosion performance, stable structure, firmness first, and firmness first. The groove is carefully designed with ergonomics, and the user is more comfortable to use. The inner circle of raised toilet seats is widened for comfortable toilet use. The installation is simple, the toilet is screwed on both sides, and it can be installed as needed. The design of the toilet cover is convenient and practical, with no dead corner coverage, and it is easy to remove odors. The raised toilet seats with armrests are made of aluminum alloy armrests, which are light and non-deformable, with a soft outer cover and a comfortable curved grip. Use the height increase to effectively reduce the strength of the knee to get up. Universal size fits most toilet styles. Our raised toilet seats are mainly suitable for the elderly, with fractures and injuries, pregnant women during pregnancy, rheumatism and bone pain, postoperative rehabilitation and other people.


Yongkang Beiqin Industry & Trade Co., Ltd is one of the China Raised Toilet Seat Manufacturers and Toilet Seat Factory Factory, we offer wholesale Raised Toilet Seat for sale at factory price. Our Beiqin has been focusing on the production of medical aids in China for 13 years. We have well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force to innovate more new products to help people. We have passed the lSO13485, CE and FDA quality system. And we have formed a comprehensive quality control system in all processing. We are according to quality first, the principle of good faith. And create a new field of the medical industry with you.

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We grow rapidly with the improvement of quality, we always pay attention to product quality control and the continuation of brand value, always improve the strict quality management system, and follow the zero-defect inspection standard to lay a good foundation for us to develop the global market.

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    Our Beiqin has been focusing on the production of medical aids in China for 13 years.

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    We have well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force to innovate more new products to help people.

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    Based on EU CE and US FDA standards, and in combination with the actual market conditions, we constantly verify, pursue details, and polish the products to the satisfaction of customers.

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    It is our goal to fully communicate with customers, select the better scheme and maximize customers' long-term benefits.

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    Layout overseas markets, provide diversified choices, and let the world fall in love with made in China.

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    Continue to pay attention to the follow-up use, and continuously upgrade the design, production, quality control and other links according to the feedback. Your satisfaction is the source power for us to continue to do a good job.

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We always focus on technology development and product innovation, have a professional R&D team, and have a complete production system from product design → sample making → finished products. Each product has reasonable guidance before design to ensure product quality, and uses advanced materials and technologies to meet the needs of different customers.














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Raised Toilet Seat Industry Knowledge Extension

How the toilet seat solves the embarrassment of the elderly
Generally, as the elderly get older, it is not easy to squat down to go to the toilet, so it is a good way to use the toilet seat at this time. The benefits of the toilet seat are many:
1. The height of the toilet seat: is 10cm. The height of the ordinary toilet is generally 40cm. The toilet height booster can increase the height of the toilet by 10cm.
2. Fresh life with lid: reduce bacteria in the bathroom, more hygienic when going to the toilet; reduce odor, reduce flushing sound
3. PP blow molding food material: healthy and environmentally friendly, no peculiar smell, not easy to be allergic to skin contact; good anti-corrosion performance, strong load-bearing capacity, can be up to 136 kg
4. Double bolts on both sides are fixed, stable, and non-slip, and the width can be adjusted
5. Ergonomic sitting surface: arc design, scientific concave-convex curve, fits the human sitting posture, and plays an anti-slip effect; it fits the skin comfortably and does not feel tired after sitting for a long time.
Why do the elderly, pregnant women, and postoperative people need toilet seats?
The general toilet height is relatively low, and the normal standard toilet height is 40~44 cm. For us normal and healthy people, this height is reasonable. But it will be very laborious for the elderly to use this toilet. As the elderly get older, they lose calcium and lose bones, and the flexibility and mobility of the skeletal muscles of the waist and legs decrease. Therefore, although sitting on the toilet is much better for them than squatting, it is still very difficult.
There are also some, that is, after the waist and bones are injured again or after hip replacement surgery, the legs and waist are also unable to exert strength. It is very difficult to do any squatting movements. Although the toilet seat height is 40 cm, but they still need to squat slightly, so it is difficult for them to go to the toilet and squat. You can do it without any squats and bends.
In the same way, pregnant women are also a group that needs this toilet booster very much. They are fat and heavy in the third trimester, and it is difficult to move, let alone squat and bend. Especially pregnant women are prone to constipation. If there is no toilet booster with good stability, safety, and comfort to assist the toilet, going to the toilet every day will be a nightmare for them.

The role of the toilet seat
In general, food digestion is the process by which food moves from your stomach to your small intestine, where it is broken down into nutrients. The indigestible portion of the food then moves to the colon, where excess water is absorbed and forms a stool. The stool then collects in the rectum at the end of the colon. A U-shaped muscle called the puborectalis wraps around the rectum and holds stool in place. When the rectum contracts, the puborectalis muscle relaxes, allowing stool to pass. However, sick people or elderly people, have digestive systems that are relatively weak, so when going to the toilet, they should pay attention to the height of the toilet.
Be aware that a standard toilet measures approximately 15 inches from the floor to the seat. Sick or elderly people who obviously have trouble using a standard toilet can find the toilet seat, which increases the height of a standard toilet by 17 to 19 inches from the floor to the seat. Allow special groups of people to easily sit on the toilet for defecation activities so that they will not have to bear the pain of being unable to squat down when defecation is not smooth.
Installing the toilet height booster can adjust the height of the toilet seat to a suitable height for the elderly, and the base can be fixed firmly with the ceramic toilet without shaking, so it can save the elderly a lot of trouble when sitting down. In addition, a pair of handrails are attached to the toilet booster. If the elderly cannot use their knees or sit for too long, it can also help the elderly to stand up with a little strength.