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Our bath chair products mainly include shower stools, shower chairs, and small shower bath seating that can be prevented from being used in the bathtub. The bath chairs have a sturdy non-slip PE plastic base and back, providing safety, comfort, high strength and load bearing, The aluminum frame is small and lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant. 6-8 holes are adjustable in height to meet the needs of different heights. Tool-free installation, with installation diagram, easy to use, suitable for the elderly and disabled. We have flat, curved, U-shaped seat shapes to choose from according to your preferences, as well as products with and without armrests to choose the right product for your highest comfort. Some bath chairs have drainage holes in the middle of the seat to avoid water retention. More waterproof and non-slip handrail detail design, easy to grasp and prevent falling. Using non-slip rubber heads and large foot pads, it is safer and more secure to use. Our shower bath seating is mainly suitable for pregnant women, the elderly and people with limited mobility to use in the bathroom tub.


Yongkang Beiqin Industry & Trade Co., Ltd is one of the China Bath Chair Manufacturers and Bath Chair Factory, we offer wholesale Bath Chair for sale at factory price. Our Beiqin has been focusing on the production of medical aids in China for 13 years. We have well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force to innovate more new products to help people. We have passed the lSO13485, CE and FDA quality system. And we have formed a comprehensive quality control system in all processing. We are according to quality first, the principle of good faith. And create a new field of the medical industry with you.

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We grow rapidly with the improvement of quality, we always pay attention to product quality control and the continuation of brand value, always improve the strict quality management system, and follow the zero-defect inspection standard to lay a good foundation for us to develop the global market.

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    Our Beiqin has been focusing on the production of medical aids in China for 13 years.

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    We have well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force to innovate more new products to help people.

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    Based on EU CE and US FDA standards, and in combination with the actual market conditions, we constantly verify, pursue details, and polish the products to the satisfaction of customers.

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    It is our goal to fully communicate with customers, select the better scheme and maximize customers' long-term benefits.

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    Layout overseas markets, provide diversified choices, and let the world fall in love with made in China.

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    Continue to pay attention to the follow-up use, and continuously upgrade the design, production, quality control and other links according to the feedback. Your satisfaction is the source power for us to continue to do a good job.

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We always focus on technology development and product innovation, have a professional R&D team, and have a complete production system from product design → sample making → finished products. Each product has reasonable guidance before design to ensure product quality, and uses advanced materials and technologies to meet the needs of different customers.














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Bath Chair Industry Knowledge Extension

Design significance of bath chair
On the one hand, it is due to the deformation of knee joints, unstable standing, and other factors, and the wet and slippery floor in the shower area, which may easily cause the elderly to slip when taking a bath; It is cardiovascular and cerebrovascular burden causes dizziness and falls easily. Some people may see this and say, can you ask your children to help you take a bath, or just find a nurse? In fact, it's still not safe enough. For those who help the elderly take a bath, the process can be excruciating. Not to mention that it is very exhausting, and there is no way to concentrate all the time. If you don't pay attention, the elderly may slip and fall. It only took a second or two for the old man to slip and fall, and there was no time to help him.
On the other hand, taking a bath is a very private matter. No one wants their naked body to be looked at by others, let alone strangers, but the elderly cannot take a bath by themselves. Therefore, the psychological pressure they bear is beyond our imagination. of. If there is a bath chair , it is a treasure for the elderly who can take a bath by themselves! It is safer and easier for them to take a bath sitting on the bathing chair, and they don’t have to be careful. They can also enjoy the comfort and happiness we can enjoy. For the elderly who need help, sitting on the bath chair can make them more relaxed, and children can also feel more at ease and focus on helping the elderly take a bath without being tense all the time and worrying about the elderly falling.

Is the bath chair worth buying?
Bathing is a way for us to clean our bodies. It can wash away stains and bacteria on the body. In addition, it can also help eliminate fatigue. It can be said that taking a bath frequently is also good for our health. But when taking a bath, we must pay attention to the frequency, especially for the elderly, who should pay attention to bathing, which is different from young people. the bath chair is very easy to use, especially suitable for the elderly. When purchasing, you should choose according to your own situation. Let's take a look at the precautions for the elderly to take a bath:
1. Add enough water
The bathroom has poor ventilation, high temperature, and high humidity, resulting in low oxygen levels in the bathroom. Elderly people are generally weak in constitution, and they tend to feel thirsty after taking a bath for a long time, and then appear dizziness, heart palpitations, chest tightness, and other symptoms, which are very dangerous. It is best for the elderly to add enough water before entering the bathroom. 1 hour in advance, prepare about 500 ml of warm boiled water, drink it slowly, and drink it in about 1 hour. When taking a bath, you can also bring a bottle of water into the bathroom, every 15-25 minutes, and replenish water in time when you are thirsty. You should also drink some water after taking a bath, but it is not advisable to drink in large gulps, so as not to increase the burden on the heart by drinking a large amount of water at one time, as may cause "water intoxication" in severe cases. After taking a bath, you can also drink a small cup of light salt water, rest for 5-10 minutes, and then drink small amounts of water several times.
2. Appropriate energy supplement
When taking a bath, the sultry environment will consume part of the energy of the human body, and the metabolism is faster at this time, which will cause people to feel hungry when taking a bath. If the elderly go into the bathroom to take a bath without eating, they will easily feel dizzy and nauseous. Therefore, the elderly should not go into the bathroom on an empty stomach, and it is best to keep it half full. It is also not advisable to overeat to avoid feeling overtired when taking a bath. You can also eat some chocolate and candy before taking a bath to replenish energy.
3. Confirm that there is no discomfort
Many elderly people suffer from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and a little carelessness may cause disease attacks. In a closed and stuffy environment like a bathroom, it may lead to telangiectasia, insufficient cardiac output, ischemia, and hypoxia in brain tissue, and may even lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, before the elderly take a bath, they must ensure that their bodies are in good condition. Try not to take a bath when you have just finished eating, taking medicine, or when you feel sleepy, weak, dizzy, and nauseated, so as not to aggravate the symptoms due to humidity and heat. Before entering the bathroom, make sure that the elderly have no symptoms such as dizziness or nausea. For the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, it is best to prepare some common emergency medicines when taking a bath.
4. Bring a bath chair
The elderly have limited physical strength and may feel powerless standing for a long time, and are prone to fainting and slipping. Therefore, the elderly can take a bath chair to borrow strength when taking a bath. If you are tired from standing, you can sit and wash, which saves energy and does not worry about slipping. It is best to lay anti-slip mats before the elderly take a bath.

Four principles for choosing a bath chair
look at the stability
This mainly depends on two parts, the seat cushion, and the foot pad. First of all, the cushion should not be smooth but should have anti-slip treatment, such as a striped design, and it should not be too hard, because most elderly people are thin, and it will be uncomfortable to sit too hard for a long time. Most of the foot pads are of suction cup type, which can firmly hold the ground when in use. Secondly, the drainage holes on the cushion can speed up water penetration and reduce the discomfort of touching the skin. It is also best to have the backrest and side armrests, which will make the user more relaxed, and the armrests will help stabilize the sitting posture.
A second look at comfort
Elderly people are generally afraid of the cold, so the cushions and backrests should be made of constant temperature materials for the parts that touch the skin so that they will not feel cold even in winter.
Three looks at the support
Looking at the main material of the bath chair , aluminum alloy, and stainless steel are commonly used in the market, but most of them use aluminum alloy. This material is not easy to rust, is light, and strong, and is now widely used in various elderly care products.
Four looks at the practicality
Everyone's height is different, so it is best to adjust the height of the bath chair because it is safer to have your legs on the ground in a comfortable posture when bathing.