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Development overview of rehabilitation medical device industry

Rehabilitation medical devices refer to the medical devices used for evaluation, training and treatment in rehabilitation medicine, which can help patients evaluate and improve physical function, restore physical strength and make up for functional defects. Rehabilitation medicine, together with preventive medicine, clinical medicine and healthcare medicine, is called the "four major medical sciences" by the World Health Organization. As an important part of modern medicine, rehabilitation medical service and rehabilitation medical equipment can help patients to speed up the recovery of physical function, reduce the recurrence rate, reduce complications, and save the overall treatment cost, playing an increasingly important medical, economic and social value in the medical system.
In terms of demand, there are a large number of people in need of rehabilitation, such as parturient women, patients with mental disabilities, patients with nervous system diseases, patients with bone, joint and muscle diseases, and the elderly, which has generated a huge demand for rehabilitation medical services and rehabilitation medical devices.