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Does Rollator Factory Introduce How To Use The Rollator Correctly?

If you fall easily or are disabled, your doctor may recommend a rollator. In order to allow you to walk on balance, the rollator provides stronger support. A well-fitting rollator can make walking more upright and easier. Conversely, an ill-fitting rollator can be difficult to use, cause back pain, and even make falls more likely. Next, Rollator Factory introduces how to use the rollator correctly.

1. When using a rollator, check the bend of your elbow. Put your hands on the handle. Your elbow should be bent at an angle that feels comfortable in your hand, about 30 degrees.

2. Check your wrist height. Both arms are relaxed. The top of the rollator must be level with where your wrists meet inward. A well-adjusted rollator can reduce the stress on your shoulders and back when you walk with the rollator in front. To start your first step, if one leg is injured or disabled, you need to push the walker forward one step while keeping your body upright. Step into the rollator, then place one foot on the rollator, keeping the rollator still as you walk. Step out with your other foot, and finally, step your other foot into the rollator, keeping the rollator still.

3. Keep moving your rollator forward and repeat the above process. These three steps become smoother when used consecutively. If you're not injured or disabled and just need the rollator for balance, you can simply walk like you normally would, just put it in front. When you put the rollator in front, stand inside the rollator, not behind it. One of the common mistakes in use is placing the rollator too far forward. Keep walking inside the rollator, not behind it, so keep your body upright while walking. Another common mistake is to adjust your rollator too high. Both of these mistakes can make walking less comfortable and make you more likely to fall. When the rollator helps the user get up and walk from the wheelchair, place the rollator as close as possible to the user's sitting position and turn up the wheelchair's footrest. Be sure to use the rollator correctly, you can also choose to use crutches to walk, master the travel safety of the elderly, and master the safety knowledge of the elderly.