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Does Toilet Seat Factory Introduce What Is The Standard Size Of The Toilet?

Does Toilet Seat Factory introduce what is the standard size of the toilet?
1. Toilet height
First of all, it depends on the width of the toilet, and its width is determined by the style. Different styles have different widths, but generally between 30CM-50CM. In addition, the height of the toilet is generally fixed, about 70cm, the length is also about 70cm, and the sewage discharge diameter is generally between 30CM-40CM.
2. Measure the pit distance
The pit distance mentioned here refers to the distance between the puddle and the wall. Their size is generally 750px-1000px, but this is not absolute, but it should be determined according to the size of your own bathroom. In addition, when measuring the pit distance, the thickness of 3-100px should be subtracted first.
3. Human comfort
When installing the toilet, we must start from the comfort of the human body. If the size of the ground is 1750px*1000px, then at least 80*128 space should be reserved for the toilet, of which 80 is the size of the human body when the legs are stretched when squatting, 128 is the size of the body leaning forward when sitting and squatting, plus the size of the toilet itself 450*700. Therefore, when installing the toilet, at least 1000*1000 space must be reserved for normal use.
4. Children's toilet
When buying a baby toilet, many users do not know its size very well, so it is easy to buy the wrong one. The size of children's toilets in my country's market is generally 530*285*500mm, and the pit distance is 200/250mm. If you need it, you can refer to it.
5. How to choose the right size
When judging the size, be sure to follow the size of the bathroom and the height of the individual. Generally speaking, the floor area of the toilet is 370×600 mm, and the standard size of the toilet seat is 300-400 mm. If the bathroom at home is relatively large, you can choose a larger toilet. Smaller toilet so it doesn't cause the bathroom to be crowded.