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How To Choose A Commode Chair

  1. Pay attention to stability

  The people who buy commode chairs are mainly the elderly, the disabled, and pregnant women, and some are used as rehabilitation medical devices. No matter what kind of person buys, you should pay attention to testing the stability and bearing capacity of the commode chair. Try to choose a commode chair with a relatively large load-bearing and relatively stable design.

  2. Height of debugging chair

  When purchasing a commode chair, be sure to observe the height of the commode chair. Some elderly people with inconvenient waist and legs have to adjust the seat height after buying it because they cannot bend down freely, so the stability of the commode chair is compromised. The editor recommends choosing those commode chairs that are high without adjustment.

  3. Avoid buying leather

  The commode chair with leather cushion has been used for a long time, and the leather part is easily damaged. Such a chair is not beautiful and needs to be replaced every few years. If you want to prolong the life of the commode chair, you should try to buy one without leather, or one with less leather.

  4. Analyze the way of use

  As a simple life tool, the commode chair also depends on people's use. Some commode chairs are very user-friendly, and the toilet is taken out to be an ordinary chair. There are also some that don't have a cushion wrap for easy use in the shower. The editor of Maigoo reminds everyone that the thoughts of the elderly themselves are also key, and the opinions of the elderly must be considered in the purchase.

  5. Easy to use

  Nine out of ten commode chairs are for the elderly, and the simpler the commode chair is used, the better. Therefore, in principle, the commode chair should be used as simply as possible, and the higher the comfort, the better.

  6. Convenient disinfection and cleaning

  As a product that needs to be used every day, the commode chair needs to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. When choosing a commode chair, we should choose those commode chairs that are easy to clean and do not have too many dead ends.