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How To Choose A Suitable Rollator For The Elderly?

  As a walking aid mobility equipment, the rollator is indispensable when the elderly suffer from leg injuries, walking difficulty, rehabilitation training, and other situations after they get older.

  There are so many types of rollators now when choosing a rollator for the elderly, you will inevitably fall into entanglement.

  So, what should you pay attention to when choosing a walker for the elderly?

  1. Does the material cause pressure on the elderly?

  Generally speaking, when choosing a rollator, you should choose a lighter weight. For the elderly who use it, 1KG will also cause a physical burden. Therefore, when choosing, the elderly need to try it themselves and choose those that are light and walkable. There will be no extra burden at the time, causing difficulty in walking.

  2. Is the structure of the walking rollator stable?

  The most important thing about a rollator is safety. As long as the body of the rollator is stable, the elderly will not fall due to instability when using it, which improves the safety factor.

  3. Whether the height can be adjusted

  The height of the elderly is different, and the height requirements for the rollator are also different, so the height of the rollator should be adjustable so that the elderly can change the height at any time.

  4. Is the handle firm?

  If the handle is not strong, there will be a danger of breaking. Therefore, when choosing a rollator, you must check whether the handle is strong and whether the hand brake is not easy to break.