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How To Correctly Choose The Method Of Bed Assist Rail?

1. The choice of bed assist rail depends on the appearance: all kinds of people do not have a strong awareness of bed assist rail products, people's quality of life is not high, and the economic level is low, so the quality requirements for choosing products are not high.

It’s different now. People’s living standards have improved, and their awareness of products for the elderly has increased. Naturally, the requirements for bed assist rail have also increased. Now, bed assist rail also depends on the appearance design, and at the same time, it also pays attention to product quality.

3. The choice of bed assist rail depends on the material: the main material of the bed assist rail should be carbon steel and piano paint treatment, which is not only beautiful, but also wear-resistant, not easy to rust, and the more it is used, the brighter it is.

Fourth, look at the product process, the selected connecting pipes are all integrally formed, there are no more welding positions, no weld seams, and it is not easy to rust, while ordinary products are welded shafts, which are easy to break and have a short life.

5. Bed assist rail grip material: Polyester sponge material is required, which has no bad smell, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature resistance; some products use an ordinary sponge, which has a pungent smell, is easy to weather, and does not support combustion.

6. Check whether the product can be installed with various types of beds. The base of the bed assist rail is a flat tube design, and the thin mattress will not appear humpbacked. It is suitable for beds

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