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Step Stool Manufacturers Introduce The Uses Of Step Stools

Step Stool Manufacturers introduce the step stool between a ladder and a stool, used as a support platform for reaching objects whose height is between 2m and 3m. The most common modern type has two interconnected separate ladders at the upper end, where there is a platform with an area large enough to stand on two feet, and the rest of the steps are of the same area, but not in all models, some step stools have classic steps. This folding design arrangement eliminates the need for fixed supports on the wall, as is the case with standard ladders.

Step stools are versatile and a great addition to working from home. Wide platforms are very practical for wall painters who can even walk on the platform without having to move up and down every time they need to change the work area by a few inches. For example, they are used for changing light bulbs and fluorescent lights in rooms with high ceilings, for picking fruit during gardening and other activities. They are also used by photographers when they need a higher overall perspective. Some models can be used as a pouf.

They are only suitable for floors with flat surfaces and not for floors with irregular surfaces. They can be used as ladders, but they have the advantage of being able to stand more comfortably on wider platforms. For small heights, they are safer than regular ladders. However, they have the disadvantage of not being as stable as a "normal ladder against a wall", so care should be taken when using a high stool (or folding ladder) instead of a normal ladder placed against a wall, as it may tip over if not balanced, advise someone take it.