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Toilet Safety Rail Installation Precautions

Precautions for installation of toilet safety rail. To prevent the elderly from falling, it is necessary to use some experienced masters for installation.

Let Yongkang Beiqin Rehabilitation Medical Device manufacturer take you to know about toilet safety rail today.

1. Use materials to choose similar materials. This is the easiest installation method. We only need to install them according to their patterns. In addition to the most basic wooden board, it can also be cut at a 45-degree angle and installed directly on the toilet. If you really install it like this, you may not be able to bond the solid wood together. We just need to remember that you can't put the bottom of the solid wood shelf on the ground or on the shelf, because if the shelf is not supported, there will often be water pouring later.

2. Prepare enough brackets. If there is a safety rail, a lot of brackets can be dug out with a hacksaw. However, large and small problems in stairs and other locations must also be solved. For example, if there is no bracket at the bottom of the stairs, brackets can be added directly. If no support is added or the support is too high, it is easy to collide upstairs and downstairs.

3. Fixing the safety rail The force required to fix the safety rail is the most important, and it is also the most difficult step in construction. If it needs to be installed on a wall with insufficient length, it must be fixed with screws.

4. The most basic thing when installing and fixing the safety rail is the screw. The screw must be strong and there must be no looseness. Generally speaking, ordinary screws can be fixed to concrete, or the bottom of walls and floors.

5. When buying a good quality product and installing an old toilet, you must do a good job of anti-rust work to prevent rust during installation.

It is recommended to "buy the brand" when purchasing toilet safety rails. Only in this way can the quality be guaranteed.