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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Shower Chair?

The shower chair is widely used, and installed on the wall of the shower room and bathroom, which provides convenience for your shower and changing clothes. At the same time, it can also be used as a wall chair, installed in the dressing room and aisle of hospitals and families, bringing convenience to your rest and changing shoes. This product is made of high-grade engineering plastics, is safe and comfortable, easy to fold, does not take up space, has smooth and delicate texture is easy to clean, has no paint or color fading, has a long service life, and is load-bearing 130 kg.

Numerous cases of slips and falls have occurred in bathrooms, creating dilemmas for families.

In many families or nursing homes in Japan, there is a chair that is convenient for the elderly to take a bath, called a "bathing chair for the elderly". Before this kind of chair came onto the market, the Japanese elderly bathed like this: sitting on a wooden bench, the water from the shower head fell from a high place, and the elderly twisted their bodies from time to time to let the water rush to various parts. After finally washing up, I was ready to step into the bathtub, but because I sat for too long, I got dizzy when I stood up.

Because so many cases have occurred in bathrooms, we highly encourage our family caregivers and caregivers to be aware of the safety issues posed by bathrooms. A discerning eye and a few simple changes can make the bathroom a safe and comfortable place.

Since the height of the shower chair itself can be adjusted freely, the elderly can completely adjust it to the same height as the bathtub, which is convenient for the elderly to sit and take a bath and reduce fatigue; secondly, it is made of antibacterial and antirust hard plastic, which is hygienic and firm. The four legs of the chair are covered with rubber pads to prevent slipping. Moreover, there is a shower socket at the back of this bathing chair, and you can freely wash all parts of your body with the shower when you are showering, without twisting your body.

Installing sturdy grab bars in the bathroom and surrounding walls can help an adult support all the weight of his body. Some portable safety handles have extra-strong suction cups for easy access and removal.

The shower chair is also an easy-to-use and safe rehabilitation medical device, but requires balancing skills.

A flexible handheld shower rod with an on/off button is easier to use than a traditional shower head, especially when a shower chair is installed in the bathroom.

Most medical alert buttons are relatively water-resistant and can be worn in the shower, making sure you take them with you.